Introduction to Worksheets

One of the ways the FCA approach differs from traditional cognitive rehab is that there is not an emphasis on tabletop tasks and worksheets. There are many resources available elsewhere for obtaining worksheets.

The therapist is urged set up situations where the person has to interrupt work on a worksheet to complete other tasks during a session. The worksheets included in this section are connected to occupation based kits and real-life situations to maintain an emphasis on functional cognition.

Basic Worksheets

Reading for Details
Big Guy’s Pizza Menu

(Menu used for worksheets below)

Find Info on Big Guy’s Menu

Newspaper Questions

(example questions – you need to provide a newspaper)

Magazine Questions


Flat Tire Sequence

Fishing Sequence

Grocery Shopping Sequence

Answer Sheet

High-Level Worksheets

Big Guy’s Complex
Dale’s Recipes
Floor Tiles Calculations
Business Expenses
Medication Management

Answer Sheet