Phones, Computers, Technology

Introduction to Technology Tasks


Cell Phone Skills Progression By FCA Levels

Choose Computer/Tablet Tasks

Word Processing
(Tasks below require Microsoft Word)

Sequence Flat Tire Story

Sequence Grocery Shopping Story

Sequence Fishing Story
(correct sequence for fishing story)

Data Entry
(Tasks below require Microsoft Excel)

Addresses Data Entry
(download Excel spreadsheet for Addresses)

Zip Codes Data Entry
(download Excel spreadsheet for Zip Codes)

File Folders Data Entry
(requires printing 20 data sheets from File Folders Kit)

Office Supplies Data Inventory
(based on Office Supplies Kit)

Hardware Inventory
(based on Hardware Organizer Kit)

Phone Numbers of Offices in Building

(Tasks below require Microsoft Excel)

Business Expenses
(based on Business Expenses Kit)

Fitness Center Equipment List

Miscellaneous Computer Tasks
Web Searches
Create Power Point Presentation
Compare Prices
Make For Sale Sign
Computer Painting