Level 8 Activities

”Planning/ Multi-tasking”

Introduction to Level 8

Overview of Level 8

Post Concussion Syndrome Factors

Choose a “Planning” Activity

Spreadsheet – Graph Driving Reports

Grocery Store – Cook Combo

Spreadsheet – Gym Equipment

Assemble Notebook Project

Therapist Prep for Assemble Notebook

Library Scan and Plan

Additional Ideas for Projects

Use Alarms for Distraction during Project
Create a Power Point Presentation

Choose a “Multitasking” Activity

Homemaker” Multitasking Activities
Cook Rice – Laundry


Muffins – Macaroni – Coupons

Work at Home

Phone Bill – Cook Rice

“Handyman” Multitasking Activities
Floor Plan – Cook Spaghetti

Build Box

Wheelchair Tray

Nasometer – Cook Macaroni

Tile – Cook Macaroni

“Office Worker” Multitasking Activities
Room Labels – Phone Bill

Room Card – Fitness Center
(Example of a “Room Card”)

(Student Multitasking Activities
Copy Center – Teach Others

Watch Video – Multitasking