Assembly Tasks

Introduction to Assembly Tasks

The assembly/construction tasks included in this section are based on having real-life items available in the therapy environment to perform real-life tasks. Most of the time you will not have these items in the therapy environment. Therefore it is important for the therapist to gather the materials and/or make use of what the therapy environment affords in order to practice real-life tasks.

There are photos and tasks listed in this section to give the therapist ideas for creating functional cognitive opportunities. Assembly/construction tasks are very important in cognitive rehabilitation since they incorporate skills such as visual perception, planning and following directions.

Choose an Assembly Task

Masking Tape Designs
(based on Masking Tape Designs Occupation Based Kit)
Match Design A04
Match Design B07
Match Design C05

Standing Pipe Tree

(based on Standing Pipe Tree Kit)
Pipe Tree Design QQ
Pipe Tree Design RR

Tabletop Pipe Tree
(the standard tabletop version many clinics own)

Assorted Assembly Construction Tasks
(below are written instructions for specific items – you will have to substitute)

Computer Repair
(requires an old computer)

Nasometer Repair
(example of instructions for a specific device)

Landline phone assembly
(example of instructions for a landline phone)

Colored Block Assembly

Assemble Wooden Box