Safety Goals:

Kitchen Bedroom Bathroom Other Living Areas
Community Vehicles Meds Management
Home Management Child Care

(Handling sharps)
Cutting safely
Peeling safely
(Avoiding burns)
Leaning on stove
Wearing oven mitt
Reaching into oven
Stable handling hot liquids
Stable handling hot foods
Stable handling glass
Attends to burning food
Attends to timers
Attends to pre-heat oven timer
Turn off stove
Turn off oven
Unplugs appliances when not in use
Avoid metal in microwave
Expired food
Dietary requirements
Separate cleaning products
Reduce fall risk
Keep items within reach
Arrange items for accessibility
Avoid spills
Carry items

(Avoid falls)
Keep ADL items within reach
Tissues, remotes, shoes, urinal, sweater
Call bell within reach
Light switch within reach
Wheelchair within reach
Walker within reach
Eliminate throw rugs
Constrain pets
Night light
Pick up toys, clothes from floor

(Reduce falls)
Rubber mat in shower
Use grab bars
Avoid pulling up on towel rack
Keep floor dry
Set hot water temp below 120 degrees
Avoid electrical hazards
Keep hair dryers/curlers away from water
Safety when shaving
Carry out first aid procedures
Locate first aid kit
Organize medicine cabinet

Know how to call 911
Constrain pets to avoid falls
Use night lights to reduce falls
Keep stairway clear of clutter
Keep fire extinguisher up to date
Extinguish cigarettes
Keep fireplace clear of clutter
Use safety screen in front of fireplace
Turn off portable heater
Use throw rugs with rubber backing
Keep guns unloaded
Keep guns locked in case
Secure bookcases/TV to wall

Doesn't leave car running in closed garage
Keeps gas/oil in safe containers
Keep hazardous chemicals out of reach
Keeps tools organized
Keep sidewalks clear of ice/snow

Cross streets safely
Estimates accurately time needed to cross
Stay within crosswalk
Adhere to crosswalk signs
Recognize traffic patterns
Look for obstacles in path
Plan route ahead of time
Safety using ATM

Lock doors
Buckle seat belt
Pumping gas
Not texting

Pays mortgage/rent on time
Pays home insurance on time
Checks smoke detector
Checks air filters
Checks carbon monoxide detector

Reading labels
Correct dosage
Understanding purpose of meds
(Follow directions)
Use pill sorter
(Time management)
Taking on time

Test food for temp
Avoid choking hazards
Spill-proof environment
Strap child securely in high chair
Don’t leave unattended
Keep track of mealtimes
Keep track of meds
Use child resistant caps
Check diaper during day
Don't leave unattended on changing table
Check for diaper rash
(Bed time)
Close crib rails
Keep crib sheet tight on mattress
Install car seat properly
Buckle all straps
Lock doors
Close windows
Don’t text and drive
Keep sharps out of reach
Keep meds out of reach
Keep toxic items out of reach
Keep plastic bags out of reach
Keep fragile items out of reach
Avoid tablecloths that can be pulled down
Use childproof locks on cabinets
Make sure house plants are non poisonous
Make sure blind cords aren't in a loop
Use safety gates on stairways

Doesn't give out social security number
Remembers PIN numbers
Remembers passwords
Checks surroundings using ATM
Logs off when using public computers